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Our Votes Matter

My name is Josh Mertzlufft, and I’m running for the New York State Senate to fight for good jobs and family values.

Many people say, “our votes don’t matter.” We don’t have to settle for that. Together, we can change the story. We can upset the status quo and place a check on one-party rule in New York by sending a Republican State Senate to Albany on November 3rd. That’s why I am running. I want to correct our state’s course in order to restore New York. I will fight for our families, economy, and values. And, together, we will create a prosperous future for our home, Western New York.

Senate District 60 includes Hamburg, Tonawanda, Orchard Park, Brant, Evans, Grand Island, and part of Buffalo. We can do better than the status quo, and together, we can #RestoreNY.

Endorsements Include:

  • Economy
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Criminal Justice
  • Democracy

Economy & Taxes

Let’s enact jobs-first policies to restore our economy and combat New York’s regulation and taxation stranglehold so that New York can thrive. As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  • Lower our taxes, simplify our tax code, and eliminate nickel-and-dime taxes wherever possible; 
  • Ensure government spending efficiency to pass the savings on to taxpayers;
  • Eliminate unnecessary regulations on small businesses and end unfunded mandates; 
  • Commission a study on how to revitalize or demolish abandoned housing to promote new growth; and
  • Reform the legislature rules to require any vote for tax increases ensures Upstate’s voice cannot be ignored by a downstate majority.


Let’s catapult our infrastructure into the twenty-first century. One in thirteen bridges in Erie County is considered “deficient.” Our roads are abysmal. One of my top priorities from day one will be to restore or replace deficient roads and bridges. I will work to improve roadways every year, not just before an election. As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  • Create a “punch list” of roads and bridges that need repair or replacement, and immediately begin working down the list; 
  • Develop innovative and cost-saving methods of infrastructure operation and maintenance;
  • Provide funding to improve light timings at intersections to minimize waiting and idling; and
  • Revitalize our rail system and commission a study on expanding light railways in heavily-populated areas.


We need affordable healthcare, not big government takeover. The New York Health Act would lead to the inevitable rationing of low-quality healthcare for all. It includes outlawing private insurance and would result in New Yorkers being taxed more than twice the current healthcare tax levels by 2022. Therefore, it must never become law. We must, through education about healthy habits, reduce the overall need for healthcare, allowing resources to go where they are most needed. As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  • Work with Republicans and Democrats to ensure equitable access to healthcare for all, including those with preexisting conditions;
  • Educate people about healthy habits to reduce the overall need for healthcare;
  • Eliminate surprise medical bills;
  • Establish a bipartisan select committee to find a solution to the Medicaid spending crisis that maintains the highest standard of care for New Yorkers who rely on Medicaid;
  • Encourage Buffalo’s blossoming medical research corridor with grant funding and through other means;
  • Reject mandatory vaccinations for infections communicable only by voluntary activity and reinstate religious exemptions for mandatory vaccinations; and
  • Defend life at all stages, and conform our laws reflect the intrinsic value and personhood of every human life, whether young or old, terminally ill or not yet born.


Our education system should put students and teachers first, returning power from bureaucrats to teachers and families. Not all children, classrooms, schools, families, or communities are the same. As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  • Ensure students are not over-tested; 
  • Replace Common Core standards with common-sense standards reflecting skills students need to be productive members of society;
  • Restore authority to parents to choose the educational system that best meets their child’s needs without hassling from the government, whether that be through public, private, or home school education;
  • Empower teachers with the flexibility and resources to teach students as they know best;
  • Improve public schools, assuring parents their child will receive excellent education; and
  • Reject attempts to “reimagine education” that involve eliminating classrooms or teachers.


We need common-sense environmental stewardship that balances and defends the futures of both our environment and our economy. As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  • Ensure communities have a say in local renewable energy development projects;
  • Establish a commission of scientists and engineers to determine how to reduce auto emissions on the Peace Bridge;
  • Research safe, sustainable hydrogen power, with the goal of implementation to turn New York into an energy exporter;
  • Ensure renewable energy sources, such as offshore wind turbines, do not impinge upon our natural resources or waterways; and
  • Remove unnecessary regulations impeding the free-market development of renewables.

Criminal Justice

We can enact common-sense criminal justice laws, ensuring equality before the law, by empowering judges and juries to administer justice without discrimination. We need a balanced approach to criminal justice, ensuring the rule of law is maintained and all constitutional rights are protected. As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  • Repeal the failed bail reform law and allow judges to, without bias, impose bail to ensure court appearances, minimize flight risk, and protect the public;
  • Ensure appropriate penalties for those duly convicted of a crime, but also protect due process so no one is convicted on false allegations;
  • Move prosecution of on-campus sexual harassment from college administrators to the courts, where prison sentencing is possible and due process rights are protected;
  • Provide courts and prosecutors with required resources so trials are accurate and quick; and
  • Reject prostitution decriminalization, and instead rescue people from prostitution and trafficking.


Through everything, we need to safeguard the freedoms that make our society great from big government. The New York government must not suppress the peoples’ voice. As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  • Advance rigorous protections for the freedom of speech, press, and religion;
  • Ensure all citizens who are eligible can vote in free and fair elections;
  • Provide election mechanisms that properly record votes, without vulnerability to hacking or out-of-date voter rolls;
  • Oppose eliminating fusion voting;
  • As we emerge from the pandemic, ensure all emergency actions are repealed and power is restored to whom it properly belongs;
  • Restrict matters for which a Governor’s Message of Necessity can be used, so the peoples’ representatives are not sidelined and bills like the improper S.A.F.E. Act are not enacted without debate in less than three days;
  • Ensure that New York’s laws advance and protect the entire Bill of Rights; and
  • Ensure 2022 redistricting is done fairly with proper representation of Western New Yorkers.

Western New York Matters

A lifelong Western New Yorker, Josh Mertzlufft is an engineer-turned-attorney with a passion for bringing people together to solve problems. Josh earned his bachelor’s in Applied Physics from Houghton College and his law degree from the University at Buffalo School of Law. Josh and his wife, Shea, live in Hamburg, New York with their son, and young puppy.

Josh believes in Western New York. He is a firm believer that our Western New York Values, including integrity, grace, and unity—all parts of being a good neighbor—are just what New York needs in a time of divided politics. He rejects the notion that “Western New York votes don’t matter,” is a firm proponent of conservative values, and is excited to work to create a better future for our community.

University at Buffalo School of Law & Houghton College


Western New Yorker

Former Editor-in-Chief,
Buffalo Law Review

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